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H3C Tops China’s HCI Market Again with Sales Growth Three Times Higher than Market Average in Q2 202

H3C has maintained the No.1 position in China’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) systems market with a share of 24.6% in the first half of 2022, and its sales surged 46.3% year on year, three times higher than the market average, according to the China SDS and HCI Market Overview, 2022Q2 report released by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Meanwhile, H3C also secured the largest share of China’s HCI UIS (Unified Infrastructure System) market, as shown by a recent report published by the global research and consulting firm, Gartner.

H3C UIS 8.0: A Brand New Path to Cloudification

As a pioneer in China’s HCI market, H3C started to explore the HCI field a decade ago. In 2013, H3C released its UIS HCI 1.0 Solution, which was the first of its kind in the industry, and emerged as the top supplier in China’s HCI market in 2015. Last year, the company maintained its position as the largest supplier in the market, according to data from the IDC’s report titled “China SDS and HCI Market Overview, 2021Q4”.

Based on 10 years of experience and forward-looking insights into the field, H3C recently launched UIS 8.0. The new product features an in-depth integration of three major architectural innovations, namely data processing unit (DPU) as a HCI system, cloud-native HCI kernel, and lossless storage, and boasts five core capabilities - core technologies, business continuity, intelligent computing, cloud-edge convergence, and solution. It can fully satisfy complex and diverse consumer needs and adapt to different market environments, and blazes a brand new path to cloudification by guaranteeing stable, reliable, efficient, and intelligent performance.

Three Architectural Innovations:

DPU as a HCI system: UIS 8.0 has made it possible for each of H3C’s self-developed Chixiao intelligent accelerator cards to be used as a complete HCI system, thus providing users with HCI services featuring high performance and zero packet loss.

Cloud-native HCI kernel: UIS 8.0 has a brand new cloud-native HCI kernel focusing on making a container more secure, and has realized unified operations and management (O&M) of containers, virtual machines (VMs), and bare metal server at the bottom layer.

Lossless storage: UIS 8.0 has comprehensively integrated lossless storage systems specially designed for HCI. Compared to similar products using distributed storage systems, UIS 8.0 can reduce system operating costs by more than 70 percent and double the IOPS (input/output operations per second) performance.

Upgrading of Five Core Capabilities:

Core technologies: H3C has significantly improved the performance of erasure coding, deduplication and compression techniques, and snapshot algorithms for UIS 8.0, and added core features, including virtual GPU (vGPU) heat transfer, interlinked uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products, etc., to the new product.

Intelligent computing: UIS 8.0 has realized integrated management and scheduling of bare metal server, VMs, containers, GPUs, and DPUs and unified management of X86 and ARM Heterogeneous resource pools, and supports double virtual systems featuring the combination of VMware and Cloud Virtualization Kernel (CVK).

Business continuity: UIS 8.0 has hyper-converged built-in AI brain and can realize intelligent prediction about capacity and malfunction and OTA upgrade, thus ensuring business continuity and autonomous driving-like user experience for customers.

Cloud-edge convergence: UIS 8.0 can realize fast deployment at edge nodes. It can put devices in edge scenarios and branch offices under unified management and achieve data compatibility for edge devices through more than 200 industrial protocols.

Solution: H3C’s UIS 8.0 offers users a simplified approach to digital transformation and enables them to quickly expand multiple capabilities through one solution.

Market-oriented Technological Evolution Guarantees Better User Experience

Boasting rich practical experience and profound understanding of the prevailing trends and demands in the HCI market, H3C has been able to equip its HCI products and solutions with capabilities that can better meet the needs of its customers in different industries.

Guided by its Cloud & AI Native strategy, H3C will continuously propel the evolution of HCI. And the UIS 8.0, as a landmark in the development of the company’s HCI products, will serve as the access to public cloud, cornerstone of private cloud, and center of edge cloud, and help various industries ride on the waves of digital transformation and reach new heights.

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