Keeping on-track on latest trends, NPI has newly added another road on its business that targets to drive up the affluence of Retail Segment, satisfy the fast growing mobile load requirement, and cuts the distance between NPI services and the wide market. Introducing — the ePinoyLoad.

ePinoyLoad, is a load dealership via web powered by the Philippines’ Top Mobile Networks – SMART, GLOBE, and SUN CELLULAR. It enables members to sell not only Mobile Load but also NPI services via e-eload. – epinoyload@npi.ph

Interested companies or individuals will surely find great value in partnering with us. With ePinoyload, our partners need not to worry for it assures you with:

• High Income Business Opportunity

• Salable load and fast-moving NPI services

• Very LOW Capital Requirement but BIG Return on Investment

• Great Discounts from NPI Services

• Headache-free loading and reloading because transaction will be done via online (web)

• Secured personal account in ePinoyload official website that will serve as your virtual office, so you can access, and fully monitor and manage your entire online inventory and the sales activities of all your members/branches in real-time.

“When you become an ePinoyload partner, there is no need for you to buy a new SIM. We can convert your personal SIM to Retailer SIM for FREE! Not only that, what we offer is a PRESSURE FREE Partnership – ABSOLUTELY NO QUOTAS!”


1. Email our sales at epinoyload@npi.ph or call 230-8700, so we can provide you with the Membership Information Sheet.

2. Fill-up all the fields in the Membership Information Sheet. Then, accomplish and provide all the documents being required.

3. Send it to epinoyload@npi.ph or fax it to (02) 243-3749, or mail it to NPI Head Office: 8th flr. AIC Center Bldg. 204 Escolta St., Binondo, Manila City.

4. We will process your request immediately, once received. Our Representative will be the one to call to you to confirm the approval of your application.

“Contact Us NOW! Be one of the firsts to have a mobile phone turn into an IT Store.”

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